Tuesday, 2 August 2016


D is for Destiny
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Dear friends, This is a slightly tricky photo of a rustic ladder viewed  and shot atop. The ladder is a means which can be used both can take you up or bring you down, hence the title 'Destiny', and due to its rather unusual angle it can be seen as a grave or a pyre in this picture, which justifies the title even more! 
What do you say?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


A is for Azure
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Dear friends,
As my last poem was subjected to quite some flak I realized that it is not only “The world is too much with us", but it is also true that the words are too much with us J
I have decided to give my readers a break, but poetry being my first love I find it suffocating to live without. 
The solution: I go wordless!
Presenting you herewith a  series of pictures by me, which I hope will be found having an element of poetry throughout.
It is an array of diverse concepts/emotions: dramatic, subtle, imposing, understated, candid, suggestive, stark and abstract in different moods, tones and hues…but the thread of poetry runs intact…
PS: And what better place to showcase ideas than ABC Wednesday? I sincerely thank Denise, Roger, Leslie and the rest of the team for this amazing platform J

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


काश मैं रिक्शावाला होता
तो मेरी 'वन हण्ड्रेड पर्सेंट बैंकर' बेटी
चमकदार कपड़ों में
अपने बॉस से कहती 
"सर, ये मेरे पापा हैं"..

अफ़सोस कि मैं वो नहीं
... कुछ भी नहीं!
बेचारी बच्ची
क्या कहे?

*Dedicated to my daughters on Father’s Day(?)

(Image from Google)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Black swarms
Of golden bees
Assailed me and forgot
 I didn’t use cell phone
To help them proliferate..
When I ducked
To save my life
The sharp coral
Never knew
I worked to
Conserve them too!

Images from Google

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